From Regulatory required renovations to meet new codes to just an overhaul of the 1979 deco cobalt blue tile that doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore.. we do that. Did you buy a new home and the pool isn’t what you want or hasn’t been maintained in the last few years? We are the one stop in bringing back to life the look and function you want out of your pool. From face lifts to total masterful recreations we can do it all. You’re not limited to just tile and pool refinish anymore. Rock Water features, full automation, and 21st century lighting the choices are endless in bringing your pool either up to code, or up to the new style of living you want.

Custom designed swimming pools
A pool during renovation

    We are a 2nd generation company with over 45 combined years of experience, In the swimming pool trade. Covering Residential and Commercial Building, Service and Repairs of in-ground concrete pools and spas. Everything from full automation that brings you into the 21st Century to waterfalls, for that Swimming Oasis in the privacy of your own back yard


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